Amaranto Rooms & Studios on Amorgos

Amorgos Cyclades Greece

AMORGOS CYCLADES GREECE is an island of ancient civilization which is located in the middle of the Aegean sea in the eastern Cyclades.

Amorgos the island of “The Big Blue” has inspired a lot of artists from all around the world with its pure nature, the transparent blue water and the picturesque villages where people still keep alive the old traditions.

The breathtaking scenery is full of beautiful walks, flowers and herbs. Here you will find ancient culture, outdoor recreation and hospitality in a relaxing atmosphere.

Amaranto Accommodation Studios Langada Amorgos
Amaranto Accommodation Studios Langada Amorgos

SIGHTS – It is worthwhile to visit the famous Monastery of Hozoviotissa near Chora with the museum which is very interesting and nicely made.

Also the Archaeological Museum in Chora is worth a visit. The museum contains some interesting pieces excavated on the island including remnants of the Minoan civilisation which existed here more than 4000 years ago.

In Langada you can visit the old shoemakers place to see how they made shoes in the old times. And in the nearby village of Tholaria there is the church museum.

WALKING PATHS – From our accommodation you can easily access a lot of interesting and scenic walks. You can for instance visit Theologos an early Byzantine church which is built on the site of an ancient temple. Further on you have the church of Stavros one of the loneliest places of Amorgos with an amazing view over the sea and a magical feeling.

You have also the windmills “the roof of the world” just above Langada where the locals ground their grains until 1975 or you can a walk to the ancient Vigla in Tholaria.

Amaranto Accommodation Studios Langada Amorgos
Amaranto Accommodation Studios Langada Amorgos

AEGIALI PORT with the three picturesque hillside villages; Langada, Tholaria and Potamos is the nearest port, just 5 km from our accommodation. It is a charming bay area with a sandy beach and a variety of restaurants, shops and bars.

BEACHES – The nearest beach is the sandy beach in Aegiali port which stretches along the bay and if you walk 20 minutes from there you reach the beach of Levrossos. You can also walk further on to 2 smaller beaches Psiliamos or Xoklakas. It is also possible to go by the small transfer boat from Aegiali port to the beaches of Levrossos and Psiliamos.

On other parts of Amorgos we can recommend a visit to Agia Anna beach below the Monastery of Hozoviotissa with its deep blue clear water where scenes from the movie “Big Blue” have been filmed. Also Mouros is worth a visit, an amazing pebble beach with crystal clear water and you can discover the underwater caves at the far end of the beach by swimming.